Podiatric care

At the Biomechanics Centre we also offer routine Podiatric care. We have a team of 7 Podiatrists who provide palliative care of unmanageable toenails, corns, calluses and verrucae. Our Podiatrists can help you to enjoy pain-free foot function. Our Chiropodists and Podiatrists are HCPc registered and can assist you with the necessary treatment and advice required to put bounce back in you step.

Early correction

Examination of children's feet is also an integral part of Podiatry. Frequently, children have structural imbalances of the feet that may go unrecognized and can lead to other deformities and imbalances within the skeletal system. When detected early, these imbalances of the feet, some of which are related to the bone structure, are treated so that a sturdier foundation can be provided for the later years.

Children's feet
Adult podiatry