Foot orthotics

Following a Biomechanical Assessment and Gait Analysis, we may in certain instances decide to prescribe foot Orthotics to re-educate the foot and provide control to excessive forces and motion which may be attributed to pain and dysfunction elsewhere in the body.

We use a minimalist approach when prescribing foot orthoses and encapsulate the current paradigm shift towards the less is more approach, integrated into a holistic and individualized program designed to strengthen the feet and enhance optimum foot function and alignment.

Utilizing our 3D Laser scanner we can produce orthotics that are thin, lightweight, flexible and hard wearing. CAD Cam technology and 3D Printing coupled with our design process and prescription results in precision orthotics which is the reason why we get outstanding results.

Orthotics are designed to be worn inside everyday footwear and by improving foot and leg function and alignment can be likened to having the tyres balanced on a car. As your feet improve following use, we can make on site adjustments whenever needed.

Poor foot function may be the cause of pain you are experiencing in your feet, knees, hips or back.