Here's what we do . . .

We provide a multidisciplinary service, combining comprehensive assessment protocols and manual therapy, whilst working with advanced video and digital technology, to analyse alignment, movement, and function. The results speak for themselves ~ having helped thousands of people overcome and prevent injury and pain.

Everyone can benefit from Biomechanics. Whether you are an adult or a child we can help you. Specialising in alignment and function, we work closely with walkers, runners, athletes, skiers and snowboarders. Our service is unrivalled in the North East of England.

Specifically . . .

  • Find the root cause of muscle and joint pain
  • Eliminate pain and discomfort
  • Improve functional fitness & athletic performance
  • Create a completely personalized fitness plan
  • Identify dangerous weaknesses BEFORE injury occurs
  • Identify and resolve movement problems
  • Build lasting fitness instead of temporary ability
  • Measure and establish a record of progress
  • Understand which footwear will work for you
  • Specialised Ski and Snowboard service


Our beliefs

We believe that people should be able to move without pain or discomfort, and that unnecessary pain should not keep you from living an active life.


We believe that foot function is paramount to posture and the human kinetic chain.


We believe that it is important to address the effect that the foot has on the entire body as well as the effect that the body has on the foot.

Our approach

We are unique in our approach and rather than just focusing on your pain or problems, we focus on YOU!


We’re interested in how you move, breathe, walk, sit, sleep, run, lift, etc.


Your health and wellbeing are very important to us.

Our service

Everyone is unique in the way they walk or run, so our practitioners are trained to identify any imbalances and alignment problems.


We use a comprehensive Biomechanical Assessment protocol, functional movement tests, video and force plate gait analysis to identify any dysfunction and establish the cause of your injury and pain. Individual treatment programs can then be formulated to assist and prevent injuries from occurring.


Remember… Where the pain is, the problem often isn’t.